Sweet Potato Puree

Bright Harvest produces a sweet potato puree that can be used for a large variety of application. We currently pack this puree in 10 lb and 20 lb bags.  We also produce a seasoned chunky mash that adds texture and flavor to the puree.

Bright Harvest is proud to serve sweet potato purée to all of our customers. Sweet potato purée can be used for several different meals. there are several different ways to make sweet potato purée exactly what you’re looking for. It is mixed with several different items and ingredients to create a flavor that you are desiring. Furthermore, it is a healthy option for any meal.

One thing that sweet potato purée is used for is baby food. If you are having trouble getting your infant to eat the sweet potato purée, there are a lot of things you can mix with it for them to like. For example, many people add cinnamon to the sweet potato purée. Also, peaches are another ingredient that is added regularly to sweet potato purée. Additionally, it can be mixed with apples to give it a different taste for you child.

Likewise, potato purée is a great side dish for many meals. There are several different recipes that you can find to get it to have the taste you’re looking for. Many times sweet potato purée is combined with cheese, vegetables and spices what to get a taste you’re looking for. That is why it is good for any side dish. You can make it add to the flavor you already have in your dish.

If you have any questions or would like to see more recipes you can check our recipe section of our website or online. We guarantee there are several recipes for you to find.

10 lb bags

20 lb bags