Sweet Potato Patties

Bright Harvest was the first to produce this frozen sweet potato patty.  Because of its great taste, perfect serving size and wonderful nutritional value, this sweet potato patty has been around for many years.  In addition, Bright Harvest offers numerous pack sizes for this product.

We have proudly been sending our Sweet Potato Patties around nationally for several years. Sweet Potato patties are use for several different occasions. Likewise, there are several different ways to make sweet potato patties. Sweet potato patties can be flavored anyway you would like. Moreover, our parties come without season that way you have the option of what kind of sweet potato patties you would like. They can be spicy, cheesy, sweet or more. There are a multitude of recipes online for how to cook sweet potato patties. These range from a lot of well-known recipe sites.

Like we mentioned earlier, bright harvest was the first company to produce sweet potato patties. Since then, the market for them has sword. We love that we got to make a trend for others to follow. Furthermore, getting to see the rise of sweet potato patties has been amazing.

Another thing to mention is that we have three main sizes we package our patties in. They are listed below. We do this for your convenience. If you need a size that we do not offer, contact us today and we will see what we can do.

To continue, one dish that we suggest our sweet potato patties to be used for is veggie burgers. This can be a great flavor to add to your veggie burger. Furthermore, there are several different recipes to make it taste exactly how you want. Likewise, there are many recipe websites online that offer a great way to flavor your sweet potato patties. If you have any questions regarding your sweet potato patties, feel free to contact us today. We want to serve you in the best way that we can.

Bulk Pack

18/1 Tray Pack

Patties in a Bag