Sweet Potato Fries

  • Bright Harvest Sweet Potato Company offers 3 broad categories of batters and various fry cuts. Our R&D Team has the ability to work with you to develop customized flavor profile options that fit your needs.
  • Wheat Battered Fries – Have a thick, crunchy texture
  • Clear Coat Battered Fries – Have a thin coating allowing the sweet potato flavor to really pop
  • Seasoned Batter Fries – Have endless possibilities from sweet to savory

Wheat Battered Fries

Wheat battered fries provide a thicker, crunchier texture.

Clear Coat Batter

Clear coat batter provides a thinner coating that allows for more of the sweet potato taste.

Seasoned Batter

Bright Harvest Seasoned Batters has something extra to the flavor profile.