Sweet Potato Fries

Bright Harvest offers three broad categories of batter and a large selection of pack sizes for its sweet potato fries.

Our business has decided to put out three different types of sweet potato fries for our customers that we serve nationwide. We decided to do this that way we could reach several different people with one product. Below we will explain a little bit about each type of sweet potato fry that we produce.

First, we produce a great wheat battered sweet potato fry. The Wii buttering gives the fries a thick take shirt. This makes them country year and great for all fry lovers. Also, this is a healthier option then greasy french fries that you can get from other people. Our sweet potato fry has tremendously grown in the recent decades. We believe this is because people have realized that this is the healthier option.

Second, we produce a clear coat batter cut fry. This allows for more of the sweet potato taste to stay in the fry. Furthermore, it does not overpower anything. This is great if you like to create your own seasonings or want to try something new each time with your sweet potato fries. This is where our customers get to shine in their creativity. Moreover, the clear coat batter is the perfect fry if you want to showcase the perfect why says you can combine to make the greatest taste.

Lastly, produce a seasoned better cut fry. This is our signature seasoning. We love getting to showcase just what we can do with our seasons. This extra flavor is great on the side of any dish. Try these today to see what all Bright Harvest has to offer.

Additionally, the fries we produce are cut perfectly to give you the best fries every time. Our fries are one of the best fries on the market. But some today and let us know what you think.

Wheat Battered Fries

Wheat battered fries provide a thicker, crunchier texture.

Clear Coat Batter

Clear coat batter provides a thinner coating that allows for more of the sweet potato taste.

Seasoned Batter

Bright Harvest Seasoned Batters has something extra to the flavor profile.