Sweet Potato Casseroles

Bright Harvest Casseroles are simply delicious.  We currently offer them in two pack sizes.

The Bright Harvest sweet potato casseroles are great for any family meal or family get together. That is why we have them in two different pack sizes. This gives our customers the option for a 22 ounce casserole that is suited for a family dinner. Additionally, we have our 5 pound casserole that is suited for more of a bigger get together. These casseroles are well premade for your convenience. Our team puts them together that way you just have to warm it up and serve it to everyone around. Our flavor of our sweet potato casserole is truly one of a kind.

Likewise, you will have two options of how to get the sweet potato casserole ready to serve. We have made it to where you can either oven or microwave the sweet potato casserole. This is great for several different dishes. The sweet potato casserole from bright harvest contains eggs, milk, pecans, soybeans and wheat. Therefore, if you are allergic to any of these please know in advance they all contain the items listed previously.

Something that a lot of our customers have told us in the past is that our sweet potato casserole is great for dessert. Many people later the cool casserole in glass dishes with whipped cream and desired toppings for a perfect dessert. Try this as a dessert today and you will not be disappointed. Your guests or family will be begging for more.

What's Next

If you have any questions about our sweet potato casserole or would like to order some today, contact us today. There are no reasons to not try our sweet potato casserole. Please tell us what you think of our products on our Facebook page. We love hearing what you have to say about our products.

22 Oz Casserole

5 lb. Casserole