Center Cut Sweet Potatoes

Bright Harvest offers a variety of cuts sizes as well as pack sizes for each cut.

Our center cut sweet potatoes are made of only the best part of the sweet potato. We sent to the potatoes through a water pressure pipe that creates all of our cuts for us. This is how we get great cuts each time. Center cut sweet potatoes or one of our bestsellers. Furthermore, this is because it is the best part of the sweet potato.

These are great side dishes for any dish. The way they are cut makes it easy to put on the side of any mail. Whether you like the entire prime of the sinner cut or would rather them cut up country style already for you, Bright Harvest can do that for you. Additionally, we have cube cuts that are from only the center cut of the sweet potato.

Prime Cut

The prime cut sweet potatoes or four more of a formal meal. They are just the sensor cut section of the sweet potato. Additionally, they are made for you to do with as you want. Moreover, you can season them anyway you would like. These are great for any dish.

Country Style

In addition, Bright Harvest is known for our Country Style Center Cut sweet potatoes. These are cute into great bite sized pieces for your convenience. Moreover, they are seasoned to your liking. This style is a great option for a healthier side to any meal.

Cube Cuts

Lastly, we produce cube cuts that are from the center cut of our sweet potatoes. These are smaller and also one of our best sellers. Additionally, these sweet potatoes cuts can be cooked any way you like. They are perfect for any southern traditional meal or any fancy feast. Furthermore, they are a great addition to all entrees.

If you any questions regarding our center cut sweet potatoes, feel free to contact us today. Our contact information is directly below this page.


Country Style

Cube Cuts