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Sweet Potato Passion

Our Bright Harvest Sweet Potato plant, located in the River Valley of central Arkansas, has been producing high quality sweet potato products for over 50 years, and are one of the largest processors of frozen sweet potato products in the United States. Our plant developed, perfected, produced and sold the first ever sweet potato patty. in addition to sweet potato patties; we produce sweet potato fries, sweet potato cuts, mashed/pureed sweet potatoes and sweet potato casseroles.  What does this mean to you?  It means consistency and stability. You will be dealing with some of the most highly regarded experts in our industry. No matter how large or small your business, we can serve you. We love sweet potatoes. Learn about the many health benefits of sweet potatoes.


Our Story

Our sweet potatoes are sourced out of Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Alabama and Oklahoma. We supply to the retail, food service and the industrial markets worldwide.

Bright Harvest has been performing a plant wide sustainability program, which addresses risks and opportunities unique to the sweet potato industry. This process reduces harm to the environment, consumes less energy and natural resources; which overall influences our corporate performance in a positive manner.

History of Bright Harvest Sweet Potato Co

1967 -The Clarksville, Arkansas Sweet Potato Plant began producing sweet potato products
under the Kim’s brand label in Clarksville Arkansas.

1982 - Chef Francisco purchases plant and brand label. Products now marketed under Kim’s
and Chef Francisco label.
1991 - Heinz/Ore-Ida purchases plant and brand labels. Products are now marketed under the
Kim’s, Bright Harvest and Ore-Ida labels.
1997 - McCain Foods purchased a big part of Ore-Ida Foods from Heinz and McCain Foods
became responsible for the sales and marketing of Bright Harvest Sweet Potatoes.
1998 - Heinz begins to consolidate Ore-Ida functions into Heinz Pittsburgh and placed Bright
Harvest Sweet Potatoes under, first the Weight Watchers Division and then, the Heinz
Sales and Marketing group.
1999 - Kerr Industries purchases plant and brand labels. Thus, the beginning of the Bright
Harvest Sweet Potato Company.