Bright Harvest

Here at Bright Harvest of Clarksville, Arkansas we are committed to customer satisfaction. Additionally, we only strive for the highest quality product. Our commitment to excellence to our customers for food quality and safety is proven by having a Kosher certification through the Orthodox Union as well as being recognized by the BRC (British Retail Consortium). We serve only the highest quality sweet potatoes. If they do not meet our high quality inspection we rerun them through the entire system. In addition, the sweet potatoes we offer come in several different types of serving style.

Our sweet potatoes are great for any occasion. While they are a healthy option for a serving side, they are also very tasty. We are one of the biggest businesses in Clarksville. Moreover, we may be a bigger business, but we still have the good small business qualities. We are big enough to meet your demands and flexible enough to meet your needs.

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Bright Harvest Sweet Potato Products

Sweet Potato Fries

Our sweet potatoes fries are cut to perfection every time. In addition, our fries are one of our best sellers.

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Center Cut Sweet Potatoes

To get the best part of the sweet potato, try our center cuts. These are custom made for your convenience.

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Sweet Potato Patties

These are great for several occasions. A Bright Harvest favorite is our sweet potatoes patties with melted cheese.

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Sweet Potato Casseroles

Our sweet potato casserole is the best dish to take to any sort of get together. It is a great shareable size!

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Mashed/Pureed Potato

The mashed or pureed sweet potato is another favorite! This is great to serve on the side of just about any dish.

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Specialty Products

Contact us today to learn more about our specialty products. There is nothing we want more than to hear from our customers!

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