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General Information

1.    A Healthy Story- PowerPoint presentation regarding health benefits, history, and reasons to pick frozen over


2.    CSPI Scoreboard - PDF document showing the ranks of vegetables in regards to nutrition.

3.    A Company History - PDF document that gives a brief history on the Bright Harvest Sweet Potato Company.

Customer Tips and Comments

"To Whom it may concern,

    Another Variation to your Harvest Sweet Potato patties is to put a dab of butter, some brown sugar, flaked coconut and pecan pieces on top, then bake.

    I fixed this recipe for my family and they really liked it."

                                    Thank you,

                                     P. Riley, 

                                        Owensboro, KY


"I just wanted to thank you for the chipotle sweet potato fries.  They were fabulous and addictive.  I made some to snack on the other night while we were watching a movie, and I even had to call my mother to tell her about them.  I couldnt stop eating them.  The flavor was amazing!  I know its a new flavor, and I hope that you continue to make them.

Keep up the good work!"


Hot Springs, AR




1.    Sweet Potato Pecan Squares.

2.    Sweet Potato Roasted in Brandy Syrup.

3.    Harvest Sweet Potato Salad.  

4.    Candied Yam Patties With Pineapple Glaze.

5.    Sweet Potato Tart.

6.    Sweet Potato Muffins.

7.    Sweet Potato Spoon Bread.

8.    Sweet Potato Patties in Hawaiian Sauce.

9.    Creamy Sweet Potato Soup.

10.   Sweet Potato Muffins With Orange Streusel Topping.

11.   Sweet Potato Fruit Medley.

12.   Spaghetti Sauce.

13.   Abracadabra Bars.

14.   Sweet Potato Pie #1.

15.   Sweet Potato Pie #2.

16.   Sweet Potatoes and Black Beans.

17.   Sweet Potato Salad With Citrus Dressing.

18.   Glazed Center Cut Sweet Potatoes. 

19.   Glazed Sweet Potato Patties.

20.   Sweet Potato Casserole.

21.   Orange Sweet Potato With Praline Topping.

22.   Sweet Potato With Pineapple Salsa.   

23.   Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes.

24.   Baked Sweet Potatoes With Apricot Ginger Syrup.

25.   Anna Sweet Potatoes With Syrup.

26.   Yam Hula Pie.

 "Sweet potatoes are the ONLY thing we do, and we do it better than anyone else!"





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